Dawn does the work for me: E-Reader reviews November 24 2010, 0 Comments

Dawn, co-worker & Professionalista

I love it when a friend does the work for you. Tis the holiday shopping season, and this is a post less about the mom horse life and more about the mom shopping life, especially around the holidays. It’s crazier than usually, with even more things to do. The girl’s list is long with horse supplies. The boy wants WWE games. Sigh, yes, he has discovered Professional Wrestling. So, why am I currently thinking about e-readers? Because that’s what’s on MY holiday list.

Kindle, iPad, or Nook? Honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to anything but the Kindle, until I read my co-worker Dawn’s post at her blog Professionalista. Now, I’m going to have to take a hard look at the Barnes & Noble offering. That library connection is a sweet perk!!!!

Here’s Dawn’s complete article. Let me know which e-reader you prefer.

iPad/Kindle/Nook: Which is more stylish?

by Dawn Stanyon

I’ve been comparing and contrasting e-readers. Which is most cost-effective? Which is most user friendly? Which has the best selection of e-books? Which has the most easy-to-use options/apps? And, ultimately, which is coolest?

We all know anything Mac is going to be the ultimate is geek chic. The iPad is hot. I didn’t order an iPad.

I’m pretty sure Amazon’s Kindle would be next in line. Smaller, easy to use, lots of people seem to love it. I didn’t order a Kindle.

The most pedestrian of the three? The Nook by Barnes and Noble. I ordered two. It has some solid features:

  • You can download books at your local library for free. My kids are both library fans and our local library is able to offer this service. Saves money in e-book purchases. This is good.
  • It is easy to download e-books from many sources – unlike Kindle.
  • I like the touch pad at the bottom (as opposed to the old-school buttons on the Kindle). I do wish it was touch screen like the iPad. I know that’s the future – and is just wicked cool.
  • You can change the battery – easy access. (Not so with the Kindle.)

I placed my order today – and should have them in hand in four days with plenty of time to download some books and apps for the kids before the big day. Now how cool is that?

Thanks Dawn!