Gearing Up for Show Season: Pack The Trailer April 20 2010, 0 Comments

Part 4 of 5

The kid is dressed, the beast has tack. The tack trunk is packed with tack, first aid supplies, horse blankets, bits, longe line, spurs, grooming kit, etc. Now it’s time to put everything else together and into the trailer.

If you’re off to a one-day show, here’s what you need to bring:

  • Filled hay nets
  • Two buckets: one for drinking water, the other for washing your horse
  • Sponge, sweat scraper, shampoo, liniment
  • Tack trunk (All packed and ready to go)
  • Saddle (In saddle bag or with saddle cover over it)
  • Pitchfork for cleaning out any mess before the ride home
  • Dump a full wheelbarrow of shavings or about one bag into the back of the trailer
  • Braiding kit
  • Doormat (to lay on the ground in front of the dressing room to wipe feet off before going in dressing room)
  • A few towels or a bag of clean rags

Have ready by horse’s stall for the morning:

  • Shipping halter and lead rope with a chain
  • Wraps or shipping boots

Multiple Day Show

  • At multi-day shows you can purchase hay and shavings, but it’s usually less expensive to bring your own.
  • Grain: Before you leave, get a box of resealable plastic bags and measure out each feeding, plus supplements, clearly labeled with your horse’s name and whether it’s an a.m. or p.m. feeding.
  • Wheelbarrow or large bucket and pitch fork for stall cleaning.
What’s the item you’ve wished for at a horse show that you never forgot to pack again? As always, please comment with your money-saving ideas or drop me an email