Gearing up for show season: Getting the kid ready… March 24 2010, 0 Comments

The nicest March weather I’ve experienced in the 15 years I’ve lived in Vermont has me looking forward to horse show season. Of course, our horse show season is still two months away, but hey, it’s never too early to start preparing. Plus, I’m guessing that the majority of the horse show moms out there start their show season much earlier.

Read the rest of this article on The Chronicle of the Horse to learn what you’ll need for the kid and the family for show season this year.

I’m looking into rain gear, full well knowing that if I outfit all of us with proper rain gear, we will likely be guaranteed a rain-free show season. Here are some of the options I’m considering:

EMS Women’s Thunderhead Jacket

and the pants to go with it:

EMS Women’s Thunderhead Pants

Share you suggestions please. Which rain gear do you find to be the best?