Foolish Man Pride March 17 2010, 0 Comments

Having read over several of my recent posts, I realize I’ve become quite good at making fun of myself. No surprise really, as I have so much material to work with. However, today I’m going to turn the lens on someone else. It’s time to make fun of Dad. She rides, he pays too.

Have you ever noticed the phenomenon called foolish man pride? In some families, it’s hereditary. I’ve noticed that it’s a particularly strong trait in the Howell line. What is foolish man pride, you ask? Let me explain by example.

Exhibit A: Paul N. Howell, Jr., my father-in-law, who I love dearly. Last summer, my father-in-law drove up from Massachusetts and for two days, coordinated parking at our barn’s first-ever horse show. He worked like a dog. It was also to be the first time he would see his granddaughter show. When it was time for the girl’s classes, I radioed down to Grampy to tell him to swap out with someone so he could come watch his granddaughter. He tried to tell me he didn’t think he could leave his post. Foolish man pride: once you take a job, complete it, no matter what. Note to self: give him no responsibilities whatsoever when Samantha gets married.

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