Barn Manners: Open Mouth, Insert Hoof March 17 2010, 0 Comments

Question: There’s a new boarder in our barn. I’ve met her twice, and we’ve chatted about our horses, etc. Yesterday, I was introducing her to one of the trainers, and I completely blanked on her name. It was so embarrassing! What should you do when you’ve made yourself look like a complete goofball?

Answer: I’ve done one better. There’s a trainer that works at my old barn that I have repeatedly introduced to others as Laura, even though I know darn well her name is Andrea. Yet, Andrea still speaks to me. Why? The self-flagellation helps, but this scenario also calls for a sincere apology.

Don’t panic, because as you’ve just read above in exhibit A, you are not alone. To read the rest of this answer, come on over to The Chronicle of the Horse