Seeking awkward horse show photos…..and other forms of horsey humor. February 12 2010, 0 Comments

I’ve written about this today on Chronicle of the Horse, too. There’s a web site that is so simple, so straightforward, so universal of the human experience and so hysterical that it is comedic genius.

Check it out:  Awkward Family Photos

Please, please, I beg you, send me your awkward horse show pictures so we can do this

In an attempt to make you laugh today, here are a few other sources of Internet giggles:

The Facebook group called “I wear my riding breeches in public and get awkward stares.” It’s a place for riders to share their experiences of freaking people out because they wear riding pants, in public.

What’s you favorite source of equine humor? Please share!

Why this public fascination? Discuss.

Here’s a quote from one poster: “Just before Christmas my horse pitched me off into the dirt, and I broke my wrist. I went to the hospital. I had my tall boots on and received enough awkward stares to last me a life time. One male doctor asked me if I rode a motor cycle. I said: ‘NO?!?!’”  I went back a few weeks later to get a new cast  and one of the doctosr remembered me and said, ‘You were the girl in here with all of your horse gear on!’ Then he said: ‘Oh, everyone was talking about you for days.’….GREAT!”