What do you give the child who has already cost you $12,000 this year? December 17 2009, 0 Comments

As I try to finish my Christmas shopping, my inner Grinch is raising its ugly head. And this green eyed monster is asking me one question: Why?

Why are you stressing about buying gifts for the child who has a pony? But yet I am consumed with thoughts such as: do I have enough? Will she notice that her brother has more gifts in his pile? Will that upset her? What else can I get her that won’t cost too much? Why is there no more room on my credit card?


As far as I’m concerned, the fact that she has a pony should absolve me from any parental gift-giving for the rest of her and my natural life.

So here’s what I am reminding myself, in an attempt to be my own therapist:

The girl is very appreciate. Otherwise she wouldn’t have said pony.

Our “gifts” to the girl this year have already included:

$6,000 in room and board for a Connemara pony that has a better view of Vermont’s Green Mountains from her stall and paddock than I do in my own home.

$1,500 in lessons.

At least $1,000 in farrier and vet bills.

M ore than $3,000 spent on horse shows.

And I’m guessing a few random thousand here and there on horse related items that I have chosen to forget.

Not to mention the free room and board, pony boot camp and trailering provided by Auntie Kathleen in New Jersey over the summer.

I feel like I should close with a thanks to my own parents, who suffered these same indignities with not one, but two daughters.

Happy Holidays!