So long, Theo September 30 2009, 0 Comments

This adorable pony pictured right has been Samantha’s ride for the past two months. His lease is up so he is returning to his owner, Wanda Coombs.

He’s been a fabulous confidence builder for Samantha. She’s jumped him over everything imaginable. She was able to show him twice and she won her second and third blue ribbons with Theo, a.k.a. “Caramel Crunch.” His mane is about as thick as my middle-aged midsection and and a you-know-what to braid. But his ground manners are good, so he was patient with me when I tried to tame his mane into something that resembled decent horse show braids.

One week into our two month lease, the poor little bugger came down with Potomac Horse Fever. Luckily, we caught it very early and he was only mildly uncomfortable for a few days. There was a bit of an outbreak here in Chittenden County, which is very unusual. All the rain we had this summer was a factor.  Our vets, from the Vermont Large Animal Clinic (VLAC)  were stupendous, as usual. Betsie was assigned to our case and she was amazing. She even came to watch Samantha and Theo at a horse show once he recovered. Gotta love Vermont!

Back to Theo, he is available for lease or sale. If Samantha weren’t growing like a weed (oh yeah, and if I wasn’t already paying for one pony) I’d have to buy him just because he is so freakin’ cute and so good at his job.

If you’re in need of a packer pony, contact Wanda,