Horse Show Hangover September 22 2009, 0 Comments

OK, it took a few days, but the euphoria has worn off and the hangover is setting in. I didn’t sleep much this weekend. Our pony Dara, arrived home from boot camp at Auntie Kathleen’s house at 2:30 in the morning. We used Bateman Horse Transportation to get her home.  Once we finally got everything scheduled, they were great. The driver was a peach!!! Dara was the only horse on the 18-wheeler and he had set up a lovely box stall for her. As he pulled out the ramp and set up the side boards I was reminded of all of the horse shows I worked at with Olana when we had to bring an 18-wheeler. Seriously. Loading ponies in the upper back corners of 18-wheelers is no fun.

Anyhoo, once the very nice driver set the ramp up, he laid out a red carpet for Dara to walk down. No joke. Yes, this pony thinks she is a princess, and there is very little going on in her life to contradict this notion.

Back to the hangover…I got back to bed around 3:30 a.m. and woke up at 6:15 a.m. when I found the boy in my face, saying (loudly)  “Can we go see Dara? Can we? Huh? Get up mom!” Did I mention that I also had a nasty cold?

My energy level recovered enough so that we spent another day at the VHJA finals, watching our barn-mates compete, took Ethan to soccer, went back to the barn to wrap Theo and then came home and collapsed. Two days later, the tired, sore yucky feeling is starting to kick in. Any suggested remedies? Chocolate  and massive hydration doesn’t seem to be working……..