I Wear My Riding Breeches in Public and Get Awkward Stares September 17 2009, 0 Comments

There’s a page on Facebook dedicated to this. Ha! But isn’t it true? Although my riding days are further apart now then they used it be, even into my twenties I can recall the looks, the stares, the ooggling. It’s ridiculous! The worst was during my sohpmore year UMass-Amherst. I took a riding class and had to walkall the way across campus in my breeches. Folks, with 25,000 students, it’s a big campus. And people would stare. Male or female, it didn’t much matter. With no effort to conceal their interest, horror or shame.  I wanted to shout, “People, it’s just riding pants. I am not a terribly-misguided-fashion-wanna-be and I am not wearing these pants to invite you to stare at my butt!” Amen.