Grateful November 06 2009, 0 Comments

Yesterday reminded me why I love horse people. Especially the horse people in my world. Samantha had a lesson on Milo yesterday. She is going to ride Milo on Sunday in a clinic with Greg Prince.  She and Dara aren’t quite ready for a clinic, so the woman leasing Milo offered to let Samantha ride him. A small, but incredibly generous act. Making one little girl quite happy.

Here is what Samantha & Milo did:


I’m also grateful for Tara Valade, Samantha’s trainer. Watching her yesterday with Samantha, I was reminded of how the trainer holds a child’s confidence in his or her hands, with the power to crush it or make it soar. We have always been blessed with wonderful trainers, which I know is not the case for everyone. But Tara is special.

Samantha and I watched this video many times last night. She was scared when this happened. But after she came home and watched it, she was able to laugh.


Yes, the coughing in the background is me.