A new friend and a cool cake! November 05 2009, 0 Comments


Thanks to Marissa, my new friend over at Tucker the Wunderkind for letting me know about Saddles and More a good place to look for “pre-owned” horse stuff. I’ll be adding Saddles and More to a permanent page with a list of places where we can find deals on horse stuff.

Check out Marissa’s site too. It’s all about her experiences training her young horse. I love her thorough reports on what happens in lessons and at horse shows. I can really get a feel for what she is experiencing. Marissa grew up catch riding and now owns two horses, thanks to her job as an attorney.  Her joy for riding is infectious.  Her blog is an added treat for me because my sister is riding at Whitmere, where Marissa keeps Tucker. I get an inside look at Kathleen’s horses’ new digs which makes it feel like she’s not so far away. I love that!

Yesterday was Kathleen’s birthday. She’s mad because I put her age on Facebook. She said that to get back at me she’s going to tell everyone I’m 40. That’ll shut me up.

My sister has the coolest job ever. She makes babies. And she’s the boss lady. Her employees obviously kick butt too. Look at this amazing cake they had made for her yesterday for her birthday. Oh yeah, and they got her tickets to New Moon on priemere day. JEALOUS!!!!!X