Dover, you are killing me…. November 04 2009, 0 Comments

Did I mention that I’m sick? KIDDING. Just in case you’re wondering, because of course, you must be-I am still sick. Do your kids watch “Suite Life on Deck?” Mine do. EVERY DAY. Well it feels that way. Any hoo, on the show, there is a super-rich girl named London who frequently shouts, “Yay me!” Well, this week is the opposite for me. “Waaaaa, me!”

The worst part about being sick is that in between drooling on my pillow and blowing my nose, I’m feeling sorry for myself, looking at really weird sh*& on the Internet and thinking bad thoughts such as: how will I pay for next year’s horse shows? The horse show account is dry. Dry, dry, I tell you.

So I crawl to the end of the driveway and get the mail. Which contains the new Dover catalog. And what’s on the cover? (pic below) The cutest-kid-ever jumping the cutest-pony-ever at a horse show, that you know cost her parents a blankety-blank fortune.  This is the kind of picture that makes mothers curse God for giving them sons instead of daughters.

I will bet my next paycheck that the cover of this Dover catalog will be ripped off and hung on my daughter’s bedroom wall before the sun sets. Takers? That would pad the horse show account nicely.

Worrying about it is useless (sing it with me). But I know there are others out there doing the same thing.

We’ll figure it out.