Barn Halloween Party November 01 2009, 0 Comments

In the words of Gloria Gaynor, I survived. Things looked doubtful Friday eve, when Samantha was (I’m sure) lamenting the fact that her dolt of a mother came down with a nasty cold, PRIOR to creating a Halloween masterpiece for her pony. I KNOW what was going through her head:  “Get up off your lazy butt woman and make me a PONY TUTU!”

Thanks to the COTH forum members, and their brilliant pony tutus recommendations, I had purchased material ahead of time and had some semblance of a plan.  Execution–to be determined. Lucky for me, my illness coincided with the arrival of Grammie, who once again saved the day.

I was able to moan and blow my nose while Samantha and Grammie whipped out the glue gun and tulle and got to work.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like cat dung (that’s the grossest thing I can think of right now). I showered, ate breakfast and went back to bed with the promise that I would appear at the barn at 10 am to braid pony’s tail. Samantha and Grammie went to the barn shortly after 9 am. The party started at 11 am. I promptly fell asleep and woke up at 10:30 am. I don’t really remember getting dressed and driving the 1.5 miles to the barn.

But there I was, braiding Princess Pony’s tail, which was filthy by the way. (Of course that was my fault, Samantha pointed out, because I thought it was too cold for Dara to have a bath yesterday. Yes Samantha, your mother is stupid and now paying the price, because your pony’s tail is caked with all kinds of nasty horse crotch gu and I am running my fingers through it. Punishment enough, I do believe.)

OK, so Grammie and Samantha outfitted Dara and she was diggin’ her princess duds. She knew she was cool.

Enough, I need to go blow my nose, here are the pictures:

Hold on SvenMegan as Snow While, Stormy a dwarfPrincess DaraTara in chargePam & SmartyMisty & RachelAmanda the peasant girl & her kingHawaii 5 oHold on SvenJudgingReady to be judgedAnother princessDragonPony princess close upPony princess 2Spots!Dave the DinosaurPrincess AllysonThe line upThe girl and the princess