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Pony Princess

Pony Princess

Yesterday’s post was about the upcoming barn Halloween party. Well, I posted my dilemma on the Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) forum and that group DELIVERED. Along with some genuinely great ideas, I also received some HILARIOUS photos and links. Some “posters” were just tickled by my little “dilemma.” Hardy har har.

One poster told me about this website which is devoted to Horse and Rider costumes. Pictures only, they are not selling costumes. Great site.

Of course, now the girl wants me to make a hat like this for Dara.  Honey, one reminder, YOUR MOTHER IS NOT CRAFTY.

Here was some of the great tutu advice:


“Do you have a crafty friend that could sew one together for you? I bet it wouldn’t be that hard…. You might even be able to put one together with fabric glue and velcro. You could do the tutu around her neck, or you could stick some sort of princess-y skirt fabric to the back of the saddle and just let it drape over her haunches (this could be tulle but satin might be nicer around her flanks, or whatever, as long as it’s girly colored like pink). Then glitter her hooves, braid her main and put ribbons in it (maybe dye it pink if it’s light), and you’re good to go.”
“We took took the fabric (crinoline?) and just hand stitched it onto a polo wrap and velcroed the polo wrap around her stomach area right behind the saddle.”


“I don’t know why I’m responding, because I’m not really crafty at all . . . but . .., could you get a quarter sheet and get a lot of princessy fabric on ebay and then hot glue gun the fabric to the quarter sheet, so it fell over the back of the pony, making the pony more princess like? And then braid sparkly things (long ribbons?) in her mane? (Can you tell I have three boys and built-up princess demand is clamoring to get out??!).”

The next comment came from the very cool people at SpecialHorses.org :

“This is how we make them for the kids for photoshoots. Buy a gizzillion yards of various colors of fine netting tulle from the craft store. For a horse….prolly 20-25 yards. You’ll need some heavy elastic and some velcro too. Find a piece of board or the lid off a large rectangular storage tote and wrap the tulle around the wood/lid the long way. Then snip through the fabric at the bottom. You should have piles of pieces of tulle in lengths of about 3-4ft. Now comes the super easy part. Measure your elastic around your horse and cut it to fit. Now start grabbing lengths of tulle and just tie them in a knot around the length of elastic. Keep going until your elastic is covered. Knot your ends and sew on some velcro. TADA! One giant huge tutu!”

In the not-so-helpful-category, I received these replies:

“I want a pony.”

“I can’t help you, but your subject line gave me a much-needed belly laugh. If you need an Elvis costume for her, THAT I can do.”

Ah, Dara as Elvis? No thanks. Maybe Stormy could be Elvis.

“My Palomino wanted to be a giraffe. Then a goldfish. Now he wants to be balloon boy.”


Thanks to everyone who replied. I’ll keep you updated regarding my progress.