HITS Ocala October 15 2009, 0 Comments

It’s only October, but already, the talk in the barn is Ocala, Ocala, Ocala.

“Are you going to Ocala?”

Parents of younger kids are still adding up the expenses from the summer show season. Parents of junior still have to make it through the New England Medal Finals this weekend in Springfield, MA.

Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. Fall shots. Shoes. Clinics with trainers who are only available in the late fall. Cha-ching.

And these darn kids are already asking, “Can we go to Ocala?”

HITS Ocala is an eight-week horse show that many of us Northerners aspire to attend for one reason: winter sucks!

Samantha and I went last year just to watch and it cost me almost $2,000. We had a great time, but I shudder to think what it would cost to bring a horse down there for a week or two. Trailering alone, from Vermont to Florida, can cost more than $1,500. Then there’s the stall rental, the feed, shavings, entry fees, hotel, food…….. AHHHHH!!!!!

The general chorus from the parents is: “Don’t even ask. No, no and oh yeah, by the way, NO!”

But this is what happens. The holidays come and go. Then it’s January and we’re looking at another four months of winter. The choices end up looking like this: medicate for four months or go to Ocala? All of a sudden, spending an insane amount of money seems like a small price to pay to see the thermometer go above 10 degrees.

Here are the dates for HITS Ocala. For info on stabling fees and hotels visit the HITS site.

2010 Dates
Ocala January Classic
January 20-24
Ocala January Festival
January 27-31 

Off-Week, February 2-7
Ocala Winter Classic
February 9-14
Ocala Winter Festival

February 16-21
Ocala Masters
February 23-28
Ocala Tournament
March 2-7
Ocala Winter Finals
March 9-14
Ocala Winter Celebration
March 16-21