Is Your Horse Show Season Over Yet? October 28 2014, 0 Comments

Ours just ended with the New England Equitation Championships (NEEC) in Springfield, MA. Carry on ye riders and families to Kentucky and Maclay Finals. We wish you well! Oh, but wait, we're going to an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) horse show this weekend, and next weekend, and oh, the weekend after that? Whaatt? And it's time to find housing for Ocala, please send a check today? Yeah, let's talk about that laaaaatter.....

So proud of Team Vermont - winning the Challenge of the States competition at NEEC for the first time! Actually, Vermonters are all over the New England results this year. Just doing my proud and happy dance for 5 minutes.

And Samantha defied the odds and her father (mom? no comment) riding despite a recent dislocated shoulder at Mass Finals. Is there a lot more to this story? Yes. Suffice it to say that sometimes as mothers, we do things because we think that, regardless of the very serious consequences, that kid has some unfinished business she needs to get done. And Samantha? She GOT IT DONE!

Did I panic when I saw her trot into the ring? Did I start thinking "really, really, really BAD IDEA?" Oh yeah. Hey, no one said this was gonna be easy. Right?