Belts, Belts & Bracelets December 04 2014, 0 Comments

As someone embracing her "mom years," belts don't really factor into my wardrobe. That changed when I met Claire Painter of Clever with Leather. Claire is a Master Saddler who also designs and makes beautiful leather goods including belts, bracelets, dog collars and more.

I met Claire at an AETA trade show and walked by her booth several times before plucking up the courage to go in. I came out with a new friend and a fabulous new line to add to She Rides I Pay.

Fashion is not necessarily my strength, so I'm very careful to obtain the opinions of "cooler" people before I make buying decisions. With pride, Claire showed me her newest design, the Figure-8 belt. ($89) Wow. The leather is so soft and it is truly a unique piece that makes a statement. Your equestrian roots are on proud display when you wear this belt.

Still, new to this business, I was hesitant and nervous about putting in my first order. Finally, I just asked Claire to help. She was respectful of my small business budget and made sure that I knew the story of each piece and how it came to be. Ok, I left with a mentor and a friend.

I sold out of that first order in three days.

I love the Figure-8 belt, but I love Claire's Hoofprints ($69) design too. It's a wide-ish belt with hot stamped horse shoes burned into the leather. What was the inspiration for this design? Oh, the time Claire went to the barn in flip-flops (yes, she knows that's a bad idea). And yes, she was stepped on and look closely at the Hoofprints belt. Yes, that's what her foot looked like.

Both the Figure-8 and Hoofprint designs fit the belt loops of 99% of breeches I've seen. Custom orders of the Figure-8 belt are welcome, there's a wide range of color options. Email me for details The Hoofprints belt is available in red, black, tan, and dark brown.

Another of my vendors, Noble Outfitters, a company I'm crazy about, brought Claire in to design a belt line. The results are fantastic! The quality is outstanding, the designs are equestrian through and through and the price points can accommodate any budget.

These belts are available in size XS which will fit most kids. The Equus Charm Belt is a great choice for a child's first show belt. Your little rider will wear it for years and at $39.99, it's a very reasonable price for a leather belt.

The Double Buckle belt ($49.99) is clearly an equestrian design, one that you'll want to wear while riding and when you are out and about.


The On the Bit Belt  ($59.99) is hardy, ready for a long horse show day, with room to add at least three brass plates engraved with your favorite horse's name. Each design is available in black (to match your tall boots) and brown (which will look kick-butt with your jeans).

So, I'm not wearing a belt YET, but I have downloaded a 5-minute ab workout app. ;-)

Noble commissioned a video that tells Claire's story. Watch it and you'll be a fan of Claire too!