Should I bring a hostess gift? December 16 2014, 0 Comments

It's that time of year. You're going out to parties every weekend. And the old adage is true: don't show up empty handed. Take it from me (18 years with The Emily Post Institute). But who wants another bottle of wine or scented candle you say? I personally prefer chocolate....

The point of a hostess gift is to let your host or hostess know that you appreciate the effort they went to to create an enjoyable evening. Hostess gifts don't need to be fancy or expensive. Do accompany your gift with a gift tag or note so that it doesn't end up lost. And whatever you choose, it shouldn't be something that requires your host to stop what they are doing to take care of your gift (for example flowers that need a vase or live animals). Here are my suggestions and it's often easier to keep a few on hand so that you're not stuck at the last minute.

If you're a baker or otherwise artistically talented homemade gifts always ROCK. A dozen muffins for the next morning, cookies that don't have to be shared, or a personalized holiday ornament are great ideas!