Content Creation

Is this the year you promised to build a social media strategy for your business? Are you read to forgo some of your traditional ad spends for a digital approach to marketing? Small and medium-sized businesses can often benefit the most from a direct authentic conversation with their audience. But, these same businesses often have a shortage of the time and expertise it takes to execute an effective strategy.


Digital Marketing Strategic Plan for Your Business
How to Slay Social Media and Grow Your Email List
Four hour-long sessions with digital marketing and media expert Elizabeth Howell of She Rides I Pay. Do you know which KPIs matter most to your business success? Did you double your email list and social media following last quarter? Should your business Snap? Are you delivering quality content to your audience? What's your video strategy? Should you start a podcast? Do you need media training? Are you A/B testing? Digital marketing: so many choices-where do you focus precious marketing resources? Let Elizabeth create a personalized digital marketing plan that works for YOUR business, organization, book or special event.